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The remaining brain tissue is protected only by a thin membrane. About ¼ of babies with anencephaly die before or during birth; those who survive have a life expectancy of a few hours or days (Jaquier 2006). What causes an anencephaly? It is still not known what causes anencephaly. Delivery of babies with anencephaly can be done vaginally or c-section. A birth by c-section will increase the likelihood of the baby being born alive and surviving some time outside the womb. During a vaginal delivery it is important to leave the amniotic sac intact if possible to help protect the head during delivery.

Editor’s Note: The goal of this column is to address ethical dilemmas faced by patients, families and healthcare professionals, offering careful analysis and recommendations that are consistent with biblical standards. The following ethical analysis is a commentary on a legal case that has caused some controversy in the clinical ethics community. Dr Lynch. I have just been directed to your website by a natropath I had a short consultation with today whilst looking for digestive enzymes. With a medical history of multiple food (wheat, pork, lamb, dairy, soy, fermented foods etc), drug and chemical allergies, all since birth, migraines from age 10, an inability to digest proteins+carbohydrates+fats properly (hence the digestive enzymes.

Baby Boy Born with Top of Head Missing in India In Kathihar, Bihar, India, a baby boy was born with top of his head missing. According to the information I got, the condition is caused by the genetic disorder we’ve seen on Best Gore before, although harlequin ichthyosis is typically associated with scaly skin.