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The cornerstone of good health is a healthy weight. This is true for children, teenagers as well as adults. Excess weight at any age is considered a health risk. Excess weight increases your risk for chronic life-threatening health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. It can also shorten your. To help your child maintain a healthy weight, balance the calories your child consumes from foods and beverages with the calories your child uses through physical activity and normal growth. Remember that the goal for children who are overweight is to reduce the rate of weight gain while allowing normal growth and development.

Helping a teen maintain a healthy weight involves a combination of healthy eating habits, physical activity habits as well as social supports and an environment that encourages health behavior. For help with proper eating habits you can consult a registered dietitian or a wellness coach. Teens should eat a variety of foods, and there's nothing wrong with the occasional treat. A candy bar somehow tastes more special if we treat ourselves once in a while instead of every day. The best way to stay at a healthy weight (or lose weight if you need to) is to make healthy food choices daily.

Maintain a Healthy Weight for Life. Maintaining a healthy weight for life is a great goal to set. Keep these simple tips in mind to help you and your family meet this goal. You also will feel great about making changes to your eating, physical activity, and screen time habits. Make a commitment. Our diet expert clues you in on everyday things you can do to maintain your feel great weight. In the past, I lost weight by being super strict during my "diet" phase, but when I reached my goal Author: Tina Haupert.

Oct 28, 2016 · 1. Model healthy habits.Research from the University of California, San Diego and the University of Minnesota suggests that a parent’s weight change is a key contributor to the success of an overweight child’s weight loss.Follow the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommended “5-2-1-0” formula: 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day, fewer than 2 hours of screen time, 1 hour Author: Sarah Henry. There are plenty of medically supervised diets that work well for teens who need to lose more than 10 pounds. Just be sure to include exercise, or you'll find that the weight comes back as easily as it left you. Healthy Habits for Weight Loss. There are several habits that serve as healthy ways to lose weight. They include: 1. Eat breakfast.Author: Debra Fulghum Bruce, Phd.