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Danika Little went into the delivery room expecting a vaginal birth, but when her daughter’s heartbeat drop 100 points from 170 to 70, she had an emergency c-section. “I'll forever be grateful for this scar because that's what got my little lady safely into this world,” Little writes.Author: Audrey Morgan. Scar tissue in the vagina can also cause adhesions where the walls of the vagina are fused. Vaginal Dryness Chronic dryness not treated can result in painful sexual intercourse, that can cause enough friction in and at the entrance of the vagina to tear the skin and create scars.

Oct 26, 2016 · People underestimate scar tissue in vaginal delivery. Scar tissue can form as a result of an episiotomy, damaging of the labia and trauma. It forms mostly at the lower edge of the vagina from cuts or tears during delivery. Though tears are repaired within an hour after delivery and stitches can heal within a month, the scar can remain.Author: Piyush Jain. Vagina: Scar revision. Scarring forms when the lower edge of the vagina is cut or if it tears as a result of childbirth. Often the scar remains painful and prevents sexual intercourse. The vagina and labia can also be damaged by trauma. Plastic surgery can offer a solution. Scar revision of the vagina and labia is a very popular surgical procedure.10/10(192).

Sore Episiotomy Scar and Itchy Episiotomy Scar. An episiotomy scar can become itchy or sore as a result of secondary infection of the scar tissue following primary bacterial infection in the surrounding tissues. The scar may also look reddened, inflamed and feel warm. You should seek the attention of your doctor if these symptoms are observed.Author: Beautynew. Cased thedevelopment of scar tissue at the opening of my vagina that created a band of scarring leaving the opening of my vagina too small for sex or pap smears. A few years ago I did a search & found nothing helpful.