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Learning spelling as an adult vs. a child. Because English spelling is so irregular, children learn spelling at school. Some even compete in spelling bees, which are competitions that cover some of the hardest to spell words in the English language. However, for adults it is assumed that they already learned the spelling of most words at school. Tips to Improve Your Spelling. There are ways in which you can improve your spelling. These ideas should help to get you started. 1. Keep a list to hand of the correct spelling of words that you commonly misspell. Either pin your list up by your desk, or keep it as a .

Information for adult learners Are you one of the many people who had problems with spelling at school? Perhaps you are amongst the 1-in-10 who are dyslexic? There is no need to feel shy or embarrassed about your spelling. Now there's an easy-to-use and fun way to improve!