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The Community Preventive Services Task Force (CPSTF) recommends depression care management at home for older adults with depression on the basis of strong evidence of effectiveness in improving short-term depression outcomes. The CPSTF has related findings for the following interventions to reduce depression among older adults. Sep 15, 2010 · PATH is a novel home-delivered intervention that aims to reduce both depression and disability in depressed older adults with significant cognitive impairment (including mild to moderate dementia) and disability. 1,2. Clinical evaluation. Assessment of depression.Author: Dimitris N. Kiosses, Lisa D. Ravdin.

These older adults require more than a prescription of inhalers, antidepressants and exercise. To help older adults adhere to the necessary treatments and stave off the downward spiral of COPD with depression, we have designed an intervention to augment antidepressant therapy for depression and pulmonary treatment for COPD.Cited by: 55. The number of studies on psychological treatments of depression in older adults has increased considerably in the past years. Therefore, we conducted an updated meta-analysis of these studies. A total of 44 studies comparing psychotherapies to control groups, other Cited by: 77.

Depressed older adults, like younger persons, tend to use health services at high rates, engage in poorer health behaviors and evidence what is known as "excess disability." Depression is also associated with suicide. Older adults have the highest rates of suicide of any age group, and this is particularly pronounced among men. But after adjusting, many older adults feel well again. Depression is different. It is a medical condition that interferes with daily life and normal functioning. It is not a normal part of aging, a sign of weakness, or a character flaw. Many older adults with depression need treatment to feel better. Types of Depression.