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how adults can promote intellectual development - Activities to Enhance Your Child's Cognitive Development: 6-9 Months | Parents

Does intellectual development stop at age 22? Not at all. In fact, in recent years, colleges and universities have reported an increased enrollment of adult learners—students age 25 or older. Of course, labeling this age group as adult learners is not to imply that the typical college student is not also an adult. In addition to understanding their child's stage of development, readers are given parenting techniques and activities they can use with their child to maximize physical, emotional, intellectual Author: Parents.

Cognitive development and intellectual development really focuses on the way changes in the brain occur related to how we think and learn as we grow. Children do not just know less than adults do, there are differences in the very way that they think about and understand their experiences. Early childhood, defined by Medline Plus as the preschool years and earlier, is a time of rapid intellectual development. According to the World Health Organization, it is the most important stage of development, and more than 200 million children in early childhood do not reach their full cognitive potential.Author: Rose Welton.

Children often have great enthusiasm and excitement for the world, a trait that many adults look at with nostalgia and even envy. But excitement does not have to end with childhood. By continuing.