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Adult Codes; Maternity Codes; Female Only Diagnosis Codes; Male Only Diagnosis Codes; Manifestation Codes; POA Exempt Codes; Questionable Admission Codes; Leydig cell. carcinoma. specified site - see Neoplasm, malignant, by site; unspecified site. female C56.9. ICD-10 . Immature Leydig cells divide only once, giving rise to the total adult Leydig cell population. In the third and final stage, adult Leydig cells are fully differentiated, primarily produce testosterone and rarely divide. LH and androgen act together to stimulate differentiation of Leydig cell progenitors into immature Leydig cells.Cited by: 256.

Sep 01, 2002 · During testicular development, fetal and adult populations of Leydig cells arise sequentially. Previous studies have shown that androgen action is required for normal steroidogenic activity in the mouse testis. Therefore, to determine the role of androgens in regulating fetal and adult Leydig cell differentiation and function, Leydig development has been measured in mice lacking Cited by: 129. May 06, 2014 · Adult Leydig cells, the main source of blood testosterone in adult males, do not develop until puberty; the only Leydig cells present in the fetal testis are a different fetal generation (19 ⇓ –21). Consequently, adult Leydig cells must develop from stem/progenitor cells (22, 23).Cited by: 121.

Sep 01, 2001 · In contrast to the newly formed adult Leydig cells, the whole population of immature adult Leydig cells is positive for the 11β-HSD1 enzyme, and this feature demonstrates that the immature adult Leydig cells are functionally closer to the mature Leydig cells than the newly formed adult Leydig cells.Cited by: 340.