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May 30, 2018 · Residential living in Michigan for adults with brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and multiple trauma. Group home environments provide opportunities to live in the community while still participating in a customized rehabilitation program. Each barrier-free house has been specially modified to accommodate the needs of persons with disabilities. A word about programs for individuals with a traumatic brain injury: Marbridge is a multi-ability community that does not offer a therapeutic residential program for individuals with TBI. TBI Homes offer a cognitive therapeutic component aimed at helping individuals re-gain skills that have been compromised as a result of the brain injury.

Aveyron is dedicated to providing services for both adults and children. We support people with mental retardation in individual and group settings and those who have sustained traumatic brain injuries. We also provide Personal Care Attendant (PCA) and In-Home services. About Robin Hill Farm Programs Admission Requirements A Day in the Life FAQs Contact Us News & Notes Links Site Map Home: Admission Requirements. Robin Hill Farm operates a group of Residential Treatment and Rehabilitation facilities developed exclusively for adults living with a brain injury.

In 2009 Brain Injury Homes, Inc. started the Banner House for long term residential care of adults who survived traumatic injuries. The term residential care falls short of the daily assistance and motivational energies the eight staff members bring to their jobs of helping Banner house- . Residential treatment for traumatic brain injury victims Earlier this year, a group of brain-injury experts from across the state published a report on this issue, drawing on their own research and experiences, and government documents. An estimated 250,000 adults in Virginia have brain injuries. Many families exhaust their income.